The ’58 Chevy T.A.C.T. Panel Truck

We’ve found our panel truck! It’s an amazingly beautiful 1958 Chevy.  It’s going to need to a little love but will perfect for us and a is really solid foundation to build upon.  It came from a great home and previous owner is really excited that it’s going to be used to help teach your children. Panel trucks are very rare and the previous owner specialized in panel trucks. It’s pretty amazing we were able to find someone like him. For our fellow vintage car fans you may notice that it has Cadillac rear taillights and it’s set up on a 96’ Chevy impala frame. Thus the hotrod stance and driveability.

The ’58 Chevy Panel Truck

The work that needs to be done is mainly cosmetic. We’re going to set up a time to get some help preparing it for our logo and design to be painted on it.  If you’re interested in more details in helping or having your kiddos help, please contact us.

Here’s what our design will look like:

T.A.C.T. Logo Mock-up


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