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Welcome to T.A.C.T.   Founded by parent and educator, Danny Combs,  T.A.C.T. is a mobile 501(c)(3) providing trade and technical skills to children, young adults and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Programs are designed to empower individuals aged 5-22 to develop interests and skills for life.  Set in a comfortable one-on-one or small group environment, our classes encourage confidence, build social and emotional awareness, develop competence and inspire deep-rooted dedication. This helps to set ASD children and young adults up for long-term success.  Competency is taught in disciplines including: engine repair, auto-mechanics, instrument building, electronics, woodworking, rocket/drone building as well as knitting and sewing.  Motivated to achieve a permanent solution, T.A.C.T.  aims to build upon strengths, instill a sense of purpose and create lots of fun while doing it!



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